Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brett Favre: Selfless

The football world was stunned when Barry Sanders walked away from the all-time rushing record; one good season away from being the all-time leader. It’s also astonishing that Brett Favre would consider an early retirement while he is within a whisker of obtaining a record that would be the hallmark of his career—the all-time interception mark.

What is your lasting image of Brett Favre?

Alright, other than puking up a couple of vicodins and then retaking them (thanks Playboy interview).

The playoff losses to Dallas in the mid-1990s?

Losing to Michael Vick while becoming the first quarterback in club history to lose a home playoff game?

Nah. Favre is most known for throwing interceptions. His six-interception game against the St. Louis football team in the 2001 playoffs will be recognized as the pinnacle of his career. It is baffling that Favre would consider walking away from football only 22 interceptions away from tying George Blanda for the all-time mark (277). Heck, Favre could probably reach that record by week 10.

The national media has piled on Favre for being selfish. If anything, he is being very considerate to even consider walking away to leave Blanda with his legacy. Favre obviously doesn't want to embarrass himself like Franco Harris who hung on too long for a record. But football fans everywhere would clamor to see Favre reach this mark. As much respect he must have for Blanda, Favre owes it to the NFL fans to at least make a run at the record.

You can read more about Favre here or here.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

and you guys are selfless for bringing this to our attention.

The Victims of Lance Rentzel said...

I don't know what our lasting image of Brett Favre will be. But our lasting image of Lance Rentzel will be putting therapists children through college for decades to come.

And while we're here, any franchise who can't win a game at Lambeau should only be dubbed "America's Team" as the punchline to a bad joke. God didn't need no mutherfucking hole in the roof to watch the Ice Bowl.

packvin said...

why are all you so called sports nuts so quick to dog and degrade one of the best quarterbacks to play the game? got nothing better to do in your own pathetic suit and tie (or playstation)worlds.its people like you who justify putting a crackhead like lawrence taylor and michael irvin in the hall of fame!!!wow !!!they are not the kind of role models i want my children to look up to..but brett favre,hell yes . he has overcome his troubled past and thrived.i am absolutely embarassed he will have to share the hall of fame with the likes of those two..get off bretts back.he is a hero.didnt your daddy teach you that or were you to busy in shop class!!!!