Monday, April 24, 2006

Bears Fight Club

Imagine you just signed a lucrative NFL contract that will pay you $21M over five years. Where would you go to celebrate? Las Vegas, New York City, maybe South Beach?

How about a Westwood Denny's? And how about not only going to Denny's, but also starting a fight?

That is what happened to NFL defensive back Ricky Manning Jr. who was arrested on suspicion of assault early Sunday after slugging a drunk college guy at a Denny’s near the UCLA campus. (Odds are, with a name like Manning, he probably choked the alleged victim.)

Manning recently signed an offer sheet to with the Chicago Bears. That makes sense. Maybe Manning was just trying to fit in with his Bears teammates. You may recall that tackle Fred Miller missed some time last season after he was punched out by center Olin Kruetz at an FBI shooting range. Obviously there is just one rule about joining the Bears organization—don’t talk about joining the Bears organization.

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Anonymous said...

The first rule of Bears Fight Club...oh, screw it.

Michael said...

Dear Ricky Jr.

Could you please leave our family name off of the headlines?

Peyton and Eli

Anonymous said...

Drunk college kid? Read again.