Monday, April 17, 2006

Athletes Failing to Deliver

Back in the “good old days” expectant fathers would sit in the waiting room with a fist full of cigars waiting to hear if it was a bouncing baby boy or girl. Now, fathers are in the delivery room videotaping, coaching and even missing games.

And not your recreation league games. Guys are missing actual professional games—games that could have an impact down the road.

Darin Erstad missed the opening of the Angels four-game series in Baltimore while his wife delivered the couple’s first baby girl. Erstad, you are making millions of dollars, your daughter will understand if you weren’t there for the birth. Give her a sweet 16 party to rival those entitled brats on MTV and all will be forgiven.

Seahawks running Shaun Alexander missed the first-half of a game with the St. Louis football team in 2003 while his wife had their first child. Alexander cut the umbilical cord and received a police escort on his way to the stadium. Sadly, the blimp did not show this footage of that. Although police escorts for NFL running backs have been done before.

Golfer Phil Mickelson said that he would miss a major if his wife were giving birth (though, he could have been needed for breast feeding so that is a bad example).

This phenomenon is getting out of hand. Maybe that is the reason that Shawn Kemp is no longer in basketball. He would likely miss 10 to 20 games each season for the birth of children.

It is time for athletes to make a change. Like it or not, athletes are role models. If they are going to take an active role in the birth of their children, what chance does the average Joe have? Instead of playing golf or poker during the delivery, he is going to be expected to be in the delivery room. Just kicking back in the waiting room drinking is not going to be acceptable. How the hell did guys let this happen?

It’s athletes like Alexander, Mickelson and Erstad setting a bad example. These athletes need to realize that their bad habits are having a negative impact on society. If nothing else, think of the children.

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