Sunday, April 16, 2006

Anna Does Baltimore

You have to wonder if Anna Benson made good on her promise to bed her husband’s entire team if she ever caught him cheating. At least that would explain why the Orioles made more errors than your typical junior varsity team in Sunday’s loss to the Angels. A loss tagged to Anna’s husband, Kris.

It was Anna’s first trip to Camden Yards this season. It evidentially had an impact on the Orioles concentration.

Javy Lopez hit a home run into the seats at Camden yards, but confusion on the base paths caused him to pass teammate Miguel Tejada who had singled. Evidentally that is not allowd in Major League Baseball.

Lopez hit a drive to center that sent Darin Erstad leaping at the wall to make the catch. When Erstad tumbled to the ground—his leg twisted awkwardly beneath him—it was uncertain if he caught the ball. By the time Erstad showed his empty glove, Tejada had retreated from second base and was passed by Lopez, who was credited with an RBI single and called out for passing the runner.

The Angels also executed a flawless delayed-steal where Chone Figgins became engaged in a rundown that allowed Maicer Izturis to score from third. Figgins even managed to hit a three-run home run in the eighth inning. The only thing missing in the game was the hidden ball trick.

This whole game reeks of shenanigans as it looked like some had a happy ending. Talk about it in The Hater Nation Forums. The boycott of Stubhub is still on!

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