Friday, April 21, 2006

American Bad Ass

Former American Idol contestant Bo Bice might be trying a little too hard to prove that he is a rock star. The Axl Rose wannabe picked a fight with former NFL lineman Glenn Parker in a bar after having a few too many drinks according to

So instead of being the guy who (expletived) Paula Abdul, Bice wants to be the guy who starts fights with former NFL players. Smooth. This move officially pushes Bice past the Justin and Kelly movie for worst-post Idol career choice. Bice’s stock has now fallen so low, even Van Halen wouldn’t consider using him. Even Sebastian Bach won't return his phone calls.

The altercation allegedly started when Parker leaned over and ask Bice if he was that dude from Creed. (But Bice was looking to get his ass kicked like Scott Stapp.) Parker was able to subdue Bice and when asked how he was able to handle it, the former Bills lineman replied, “Dude, I’m used to handling drunks. I played with Jim Kelly.”

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