Sunday, March 19, 2006

You (Expletive) On My House!

Remember the scene in Can’t Buy Me Love where Ronald Miller throws crap on Kenneth’s house during a Halloween prank? Miller is forced to asked for forgiveness months later when nobody else would talk to him.

Does that sound familiar?

That’s Terrell Owens. The guy has worn out his welcome so badly in the NFL, the only place for him to peddle his wares in the place of his more infamous incident. This can only be a good thing.

Cowboys fans are going to look like the biggest losers here. The Cowboys fans were jeering him a few years ago, but they are already likely placing their orders for No. 81 jerseys. Cowboys fan can rationalize rooting for Owens all that they want, but they guy (expletived) on their house. And they will be welcoming Owens into their homes with open arms.

Put this one on owner Jerry Jones who is still trying desperately to make up for the fact that he fired Jimmy Johnson. The puzzling thing is why Jones gave Owens a $10M bonus. Who else was bidding for T.O.? Maybe the Broncos? Maybe the Chiefs? This is an awfully like the A-Rod situation where nobody knows who drove up the bidding price.

But that worked out well for the Rangers, eh?

Owens --in between all of the boasts -- paid all of the proper lip service and said that he has learned his lesson, blah, blah, blah. The prevailing theory is that Bill Parcells will put Owens in his place.

Just like Andy Reid.
Just like Donovan McNabb.

This is going to end up bad for the Cowboys. One great year, maybe, but Owens will not fulfill his three-year contract. Either that or Parcells will have a heart attack. In the end though, it seems like the Cowboys will just end up with a lot of (expletive).

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Herman said...

Does this mean that when T.O. catches his first touchdown for Dallas, his end zone celebration will be Ronald Miller's stupid dance?

NFL Adam said...

The African Ant-Eater Ritual. Great call. Wish we had thought of that.