Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The World Would Be Better Off Without You

It's time for round two of our new recurring feature. And it's timely, too. If you missed our first one on Jackie Slater, you can check it out

So please welcome our second guest of dishonor:

John Chaney

The recently retired Temple coach was one of the few guys who made Mike Kyzyzxcvewruoski seem likeable. Chaney was the kind of bully who made Bobby Knight seem huggable. So how will you remember Chaney?

Will you think of the time in 1984 when Chaney grabbed George Washington coach Gerry Gimelstob by the shoulders at halftime of a game and rattled him like an abusive parent?

Or last season when Chaney inserted a "goon" into a game against St. Joseph's. Chaney told one of his role players, Ric Flair, to go into the game and send a message? Chaney thought St. Joseph's was getting away with roughhousing. So like a good leader of young men, Chaney decided to take the law into his own hands. St. Joseph's senior John Bryant ended up with a broken arm. Chaney said it was a good thing they didn't use a foreign object. This kind of thing would be charming (and warranted) against Duke. Not so much against St. Joseph's. Bryant didn't get to play in the NCAA Tournament. Chaney will be collecting a huge pension from Temple. Life's fair.

Our personal favorite was the time when Chaney barged into then U-Mass coach John Calipari's press conference and threatened to kill him. And Calipari wasn't even returning the sunglasses of Chaney's ex-wife.

So John Chaney, the basketball world truly will be better off without you.

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Lil Hater said...

I thought he was great in Phantom of the Opera. We'll miss you, Man of a Thousand Faces.

NFL Adam said...

Don't be stupid, Lil' Hater.

Everybody knows he ruled in Benson.

Anonymous said...

Nobody will miss you, jerk off!