Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who is Getting the Better Deal?

Joey Harrington or Alfonso Soriano?

Harrington has taken a beating in Detroit, by both a weak offensive line and a fan base that hasn't enjoyed a winner since the last time Bobby Layne missed a happy hour. So Harrington went on vacation to Southeast Asia recently and came back to find the club had signed by Josh McCown and Jon Kitna.

It could have been worse Joey...they could have replaced you with Aaron Brooks.

Now Harrington is free to move to a team like the Patriots to be a backup where he will never have to deal with the pressure of being an NFL starting quarterback. Or he can just start for the Oakland Raiders.

Evidentially Al believes that Joey can go vertical.

Anybody who watches Soriano play second base knows one thing: Fonzie is not a second baseman. That just goes to show that Soriano does not watch any game film, at least not defensively. It’s no shock that the Washington Nationals want to move E-Four-so Soriano to left field, but maybe they could have discussed that transaction before they traded for him.

Then again, this was a team that acquired Jose Guillen last season. The former Angels outfielder is downright lucid when compared to Soriano who refused to take left field yesterday. Funny, Guillen pitched a fit when he was pulled out of a game by Mike Scioscia, but at least he was in the game. Soriano is behaving like, well, Terrell Owens.

Which only means that Drew Rosenhaus will get him a $25M contract with a new team when he is released. So Soriano will likely become a highly sought after free agent, get a huge contract, continue to play second base, and not have to deal with Frank Robinson.

Soriano definately gets the better end of the deal here. But you can debate it in The Hater Nation Forums.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

maybe it's just me...you know what? i'm sure it's just me...but last time I saw Soriano play, i just swear he had two fucking rocks attached to his hands.