Friday, March 24, 2006

So Much for Mr. Clutch

J.J. chokes again. Now is not the time for who was right; who was wrong; or who choked in the big dance—again. To brag about predicting the demise of Duke in the tournament is akin to bragging about predicting the morning sunrise.

It was too easy. Besides gloating is so Sports Dork.

And don’t worry, Duke fans; we are sure that you will cherish that huge clutch performance over Texas in December. Or maybe you can celebrate that huge win over Boston College in the ACC tournament. Those will be your cherished memories of J.J. Manning. Not the bitter disappointment from his tournament appearances.

Like, nobody remembers that great run that Villanova put on in the 1985 NCAA tournament. Everybody remembers how great of a regular season Patrick Ewing had for Georgetown. Nobody remembers Lorenzo Charles, Danny Manning, or Tyus Edney. They remember superstars like Fennis Dembo.

Plus you have J.J.’s upcoming—soon to be stellar—professional career to enjoy. Maybe Manning can win a professional title in Italy. With so much to look forward to in the future, nobody will remember that J.J. Manning choked in the NCAA Tournament.


It would be hard to pick a favorite moment in Duke’s loss to LSU. You had J.J. crying when he left the game; Coach Krzymdbnmresxski talking about the “physicality” of the game (code for the refs weren’t giving us enough calls); and really any miss by J.J. Manning (his career NCAA tournament stats are above*).

The highlight was Glen “Big Baby” Davis standing on the free throw line by himself and rebounding his own miss while surround by four Duke players who refused to box him out. That showed that LSU had reached in and snatched Duke’s heart like that crazy dude did in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

And seriously, anybody finding those Coach K car commercials satisfying now?

*Scan for J.J.'s career stats come from our boy, Slade.


Herman said...

I think Glen Davis needs to lose the ''Big Baby'' monicker cuz Redick, and moreso Adam Morrison, have earned it more.
If I hadn't been so joyfully shocked at UCLA's comeback (I still can't believe they won), I would've been embarassed at watching Morrison burst into tears BEFORE the game was over.
It wasn't even a manly cry, where a tear or two escapes quietly.
His face was all contorted and he was openly sobbing.
The great thing? He was so busy crying, Morrison forgot to run down the court on the final play and was still standing on UCLA's FT line (some 80 feet way from the basket) while his teammates were trying to get open for a last-second 3-pointer.
Yeah, he's a gamer.
The nation should be proud at their two POY candidates. They're actually POS candidates. As in Pieces Of Shit candidates.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

turns out that peyton manning was actually wearing #4 last night, strange, he choked.

Conrad Bain said...

Anyone who wonders why the NBA sucks need look no further than college hoops. Shit in, shit out. It is pure fucking torture to watch this sport any more.

Now that Redick and John Kay have been hosed there's nothing enjoyable to be gleened from this tournament by the hatred connoisseur. It is over, in terms of hate value.

Lil Hater said...

There is still plenty of hatred that can be directed to Billy Packer and Jim Nance. Douchenozzles, both of them.

Conrad Bain said...

If there are any remaining enema wands left to bury, they are UCLA and Texas.

UCLA -- Because all the same shameless, front-running, California gravytrainers who had to give away their USC gear to homeless people are now sporting baby puke blue and climbing aboard the Bruinmobile.

Texas -- Because hating every single aspect of the state of Texas is the duty of everyone with good taste.

Conrad Bain said...

And it's hard not to cheer for LSU.

Six months ago many of these players were floating down the street, yet today they compete for a national title.