Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Shoulder To Cry On


Jeff said...

Geaux Tigers! Gonna be a great state-by-state game between LSU-Texas.

Benny said...

Clearly the better team won. Duke is always inflated cause they're Duke. They were bound to lose at some point. Better to lose now than in the elite 8, or final four.

But man did JJ choke in that game. He has a reason to cry for sure. He played horribly.

Hey how about that kid on that other blog who said he'd rather watch the NBA than March Madness? I saw your comment on there. Nutzo.

Conrad Bain said...

What's the difference between NBA basketball and March Madness?

They all miss layups.
They all miss freethrows.
They all tackle.
They all travel.
They all double-dribble.
They all palm the ball.
They all throw more bricks than a junior high marching band.
And they're all paid to do it.

March Madness games are like watching toddlers in a trailor park running around in their underwear playing with old beer cans.

And the NBA, of course, is "Cops".