Monday, March 13, 2006

Maybe We Should Get Our Lawyers

The sports editor at the daily paper in Orange County is not a huge fan of The Hater Nation. (Must be a Raiders fan.) But it appears that other people from his paper, most notably one of his columnist (not The Bish) are huge fans of this site. This was from that local columnist on Monday:

Barry Bonds has ingested and injected every performance-enhancing drug known to man, including trenbolone (a synthetic steroid "created to improve the muscle quality of beef cattle") and Clomid (a drug commonly prescribed for women's fertility problems).

Is that why Barry showed up in training camp in drag one day this spring?

Funny joke. It was even more enjoyable when we ran the same joke (link) nearly a week ago.

The best part was when we wrote this passage after our original joke: C’mon, even the sports editor for the local Orange County newspaper would admit that was funny.

Evidentially he found it funny enough to let his columnist run it.

Maybe we should call the sports editor at the local paper and give him a piece of our mind. Nah, we have much better things to do than to worry about things like that. Who would stoop to threaten a lawsuit over a website?


Anonymous said...

My money is on Randy Youngblood.

Anonymous said...

It's Randy Youngman. And this probably isn't the first time he's lifted bits from people.

Anonymous said...

Randy youngman could stand to lift sandy duncans eye