Thursday, March 02, 2006

Manny Being Moss?

Manny Ramirez finally showed up to spring training on Wednesday – wearing a Tim Brown jersey. That's not a good fit. Manny has actually won a championship and is consider lazy, but clutch. Championship and clutch are not two words you would associate with Brown's mediocre professional career.

Manny totally has the wrong jersey on. He should be wearing a Moss jersey seeing that they are kindred spirits. The duo, while hailing from different countries and playing different sports, do seem to have an awful lot of similarities.

Manny sometimes refuses to run on a ground ball in the infield because he feels that he will make an out. Moss will refuse to run an out if the Raiders continue to pound the ball on the ground.

Both Manny and Moss don't have much of a concept of time. Only Randy likes to leave early, while Manny shows up late. But they both promise to give 100 percent some of the time when they are in the game.

Neither Moss nor Manny can play a lick of defense.

Neither Moss nor Manny found the Midwest to their liking.

Manny once strolled to the plate to the tunes of Styles' Good Times (I get high) an ode to drug use. Moss likes to toke up, but only once in a blue moon.

Manny took a squirt in the green monster. Moss squirted his green water bottle at an official.

Yeah, somebody pitch in and get Manny that Moss jersey. Just be sure that the Raiders have to split the profits with all of the other teams.

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