Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lil' Hater: I hate J.J. Too

By now you’ve all heard about Jason McElwain, the 17-year-old manager of the Greece Athena High School basketball team in New York. The autistic manager gained national attention when he drained six 3-point shots and a 2-pointer in his only appearance of his life.

McElwain was carried off on the shoulders of his classmates and the video has made the rounds of the television networks. McElwain and his club are the only team that has received more coverage than those jerks at Duke. A greatful nation says "Thank you."

That has gotten me thinking, how does McElwain compare to say, J.J. Redick-Manning? Who would you rather have making the big shot for you in the end? Let's compare the two.

  • J.J. chokes on Senior Night. McElwain comes up huge in his only game of the season on Senior Day.

  • J.J. shoots like 20 percent from behind the 3-point line in a key rivalry game. McElwain shoots lights out in the biggest game of his life.

  • J.J. is hated by everybody. McElwain is loved by everyone.

  • J.J. let down his loyal fans. The crowd went totally bonkers watching McElwain play.

  • McElwain might look like a Manning, but J.J. plays like one in big games.

It figures that McElwain's team went on to win the state title. Duke isn’t even the best team in its own state.

It's not even close if you ask me. Maybe Coach K should think about hiring this kid to be Duke's manager; at least somebody could be counted on to make a big shot when it matters.


Anonymous said...

Now you guys are just being mean.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

maybe coach k should call up j-mac...or redick should just stop being a douche and learn to shoot better.

ACC Ref said...

Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! That's two shots and the ball for number 4, white.

Anonymous said...

All of u r haters. Duke is and will always be the best team.

Steve said...

I'm sorry, but no team in modern history can be better than The Wizard of Westwood's UCLA Bruins.