Thursday, March 30, 2006

Let's Dance

By now you have heard more “No Fun League” jokes that you can stand, so let's not go there. The league did recently announce — in case you have not heard — that it will again enforce rules to limit end zone celebrations. Which is cool, if you are from the school of thought that dictates you should “act like you have been there before” when you reach the end zone.

It always seemed like a pro-choice type of thing. It is classy to toss the ball to the officials. But you can’t really begrudge a guy for celebrating when he scores. He worked hard to get into the end zone. If the defense is so worried about a player celebrating — stop him. What is far more offensive is a defensive player who celebrates after making a tackle. Congratulations. You have the easiest job on the field. Walk back to your defensive huddle while the adults on offense plot their way to the end zone.

But the league has made its choice. A player can still spike, dunk or spin a football. You can’t use the ball as a prop or celebrate from the ground.

This is really going to take a toll on the league's top dancing king:

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Anonymous said...

While I will miss the King, who had the best commercial of 2005, I can't help but be happy about this new rule, or revamping of an old one. I am sick and tired of watching these stupid non-celebrations. How is golfing a football or changing a football's diaper a celebration? It's just wasting time on ESPN News. Are you really happy about scoring? Slam that GD ball into the ground and go thank your offensive line, who is the reason you got there in the first place. Every time.

Richard Cranium

Benny said...

The NFL doesn't realize one of the things most NFL really waited to see every Sunday was what Chad Johnson would do.

There should be like an automatic 5 yard penalty for any player celebrating after a tacklet, or just catching a 2 yard slant.