Monday, March 06, 2006

J.J. Needs a Paternity Test

Duke star J.J. Redick is pasty; he has the look of an idiot savant, who you couldn’t trust to operate machinery; and he also tends to choke in big games. There is only one logical conclusion:

J.J. Redick is a Manning.

It’s the only obvious answer after having watched J.J. Manning hoist continuous bricks in a Senior Night loss to North Carolina on Saturday. J.J. Manning opened the game with a good stroke but capped off his Cameron Indoor Stadium career by missing 15 of his last 16 shots. One basket in a gym he has played in for four years. That's only one more basket than The Bish’s toupee scored in the second half. And J.J. didn’t look quite as stylish. J.J. Manning also flounder against Florida State (and is 23 for his last 80), but we figured that was due to the courtside presence of Cowgirl.

And who could forget the 2004 Final Four when Duke choked away an 8-point lead in the final three minutes against Connecticut? The Blue Devils had one last chance to win the game in the waning seconds, but Rashad Anderson and Emeka Okafor stripped J.J. Manning of the ball to seal the game. That set a precedent in motion.

You know that feeling you get when an opposing player (somebody you probably hate) is wide open for a three? You scream, "No, not him!" because you just know that it is going in.

You no longer get that feeling when J.J. Manning has the ball in his hands. If anything, you breathe a sigh of relief when he shoots the ball because you know it will not find the basket. It’s kind of like watching Alex Rodriguez hit during a clutch situation. Or more aptly, one of his brothers trying to win a playoff football game.

It’s only a matter of time before his biological father, Archie, comes to rescue him against those critical of J.J. (although we appear to be the only ones at the moment). Still, J.J. Manning did have to at least answer one question about his shooting.

"It was a weird night," he said. "I'm just not shooting the ball well right now. I'm getting great looks, but they're just not going in."

Wow, he didn’t blame his teammates for not getting him open looks. Archie obviously didn't raise him, but that choking gene is still prevalent.

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Scott said...

The only remaining question is which NBA team will take JJ after Archie manipulates the draft.

NFL Adam said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Four games of sub-par play and the haters come out of the woodwork. Chokes in big games?.. I'd love to choke to the tune of 41 points and 9 three pointers on 55% shooting against #2 (at the time) TEXAS. I can give a few dozen other examples, but will save the blog space. Yawn. Bring on the 100 other posts that hate this entry, hate JJ, hate Duke, for the same old reason...your team sucks. If you'd just join us you'd feel alot better.

bucky said...

What I'd really like to know about JJ Redick is how a jump shooter like him goes to the line so often. Out here in Big Ten country, it's well recognized that in order to go to the free throw line, you have to take the ball to the basket. You don't see Big Ten refs calling very many shooting fouls outside the arc.

Yet here is Reddick, who is 4th in the nation in 3 point attempts (meaning a good number of his shots are from beyond the arc- 268 out of 540, or about 50%), yet 6th in the nation in free throw attempts.

They must play a different game down there.

NFL Adam said...

Wow. I had forgotten that J.J. led the Blue Devils to a huge win in the middle of December. I'm sure all Duke fans will remember that when their team is bounced prior to the Sweet 16.

Anonymous said...

A couple of reasons JJ shoots so many foul shots...

#1) He usually gets about 8 of them to close a game when the opponent is fouling to try and save their ass

#2) Every single team double teams him when a)he shoots one of those jump shots, making it much more likely a foul will occur and b)the other 39 minutes that he's in the game and not shooting. Teams foul him constantly just to try and keep him from getting the ball. When Duke is in the bonus, every single one of those is a foul shot.

#3) He's not just a jump shooter. This is one area of his game that has dramatically improved...he drives often and is much better at it than he looks.

4) He's pretty good at the flop. And don't "hate" on that either- everyone does it...some are better than others.

As far as the "huge win in the middle of December" comment. I figured that would be the tired comeback. Yawn. Again. If you want to place some cash on that idea you have that Duke will get bounced before the sweet 16 I'll give you odds, points, whatever else you need to feel comfortable losing money to me. Now you're letting your "hate" cloud your judgement and affect your credibility. The first guy has a good point with the free-throws...I can take some good criticism, a good point even, but you expect me to swallow your BS about Duke not being good enough to get past the 3rd round? C'mon now...hate all you want, but wishful thinking isn't analysis. And for the record, you, me, or anyone else, would be just fine being a "Manning" now wouldn't we?

NFL Adam said...

Can you really come up with a good example of Redick coming up in a meaningful game? Really? That play against UConn (as described originally) pretty much sets the scene. Redick (through the Dookies high expectations) has to be considered kind of a bust by you guys. Duke doesn't hang banners for individual scoring titles. You guys only care about national championships ever since the referees gave you that game against UNLV.

And yes, that is hate talking.

As for Manning. If I was granted the ability to be an NFL player, I would rather be Adam Vinateri than Peyton or Eli Manning.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, we had to throw in a "referee" comment. I was wondering when we'd revert to that argument. I'll say what Coach K said in response to that same statement..."So, you're accusing the refs of throwing the game?". The NCAA just handed out a few hundred citations against schools...boy they really ought to look into this decade-long conspiracy where the refs "give" games to the Blue Devils. I wish someone could come up with a better argument for why Duke absolutely dominates the college basketball scene year after year other than some vast conspiracy where every ref loves Duke. Wouldn't it be more likely, that after all these years of "getting the calls" refs would be more apt to throw the game for, say, Carolina. I mean why are the refs the only people on the planet that wants to see Duke win? Let me guess, Coach K's far-reaching influence is connected to the mob, and ref's wives wake up to dead bovine if their husbands call a foul on Lee Melchioni. Everyone else hates them...why not the refs? OK, let's take your accusation as truth. UNLV wins the game if the damn refs didn't just hand the game over to Duke. They go on to be undefeated, the greatest team of paid NBA...errr, I mean, college players. So what? Oh darn, another Final Four banner. "We Duke fans" care about a lot more than national championships...we just like to bring up the fact we've got more of those than anybody else in the past 15 years. :) As for JJ being a "bust"...are you seriously from another planet? The guy just beat an ACC record that stood for 50 years...guys like Michael Thompson, Tim Duncan, and dare I say, I won't take the Airness's name in vein...couldn't break. Is he going to be a great NBA player? No. Is he a freakin' phenom on the college level...hell, yeah! You can bring up individual games where he played poorly, sure. And I could make some obscure reference to the game Michael Jordan went 7 for 31 with 9 turnovers, but does that snapshot tell us anything about the body of his work? I think I was challenged to name one big game he came up big in...How about the game AT Carolina a month ago. Or are you going to argue that wasn't a big game? You'll tell me the last Carolina game, meant more? In fact, if Duke wins that game they are in Carolina's side of the bracket for the ACC tourney...they had half a mind to throw the game on purpose. Listen, we can debate this all night long, but a "bust"?

Oh, And you'd rather be a kicker for an over-achieving average team rather than a top 10 of all time franchise QB running one of the most potent offenses in history. To each his own. Hell if we're picking who we want to be now, I'll be Kordell pressure to perform, get into a game now and then, throw a few picks, and go back to my $5M mansion that I bought with HALF of my 2002 salary for being the worst quarterback this side of the Pacific Ocean.

NFL Adam said...

Wow, touch a nerve? Come on, the UNLV joke was in jest. Tark never adjusted his game plan in that game. If LJ dumps the ball out to the wings, the Rebels win by 40 and Little Bobby shits his pants again. The Tark loved to roll the ball out there and let them play. One friggin adjustment was all that was needed.

Kordell Stewart the worst QB this side of the Pacific? I see you are not familiar Kerry Collins.

Anonymous said...

...and before you ask for more...

29 pts on 10 of 17 shooting in the face of 17,000 friendly Hoosiers fans. Indiana ranked #16. Are you going to tell me two top 25 teams meeting is not a "big game"?

How about dropping 28 on #13 NC State? Again, I suppose playing the toughest schedule in the nation doesn't consist of "big games".

Don't forget Duke beat Memphis, and Boston College too...JJ only managed to drop 43 points on 6 of 9 from behind the arc in those two games...pretty crappy.

The most important statistic...all W's.

PS- The UCONN foul-up of last year was a botched play...JJ was the 3rd option...I suppose it is his fault somebody throws a pass at his ankles in traffic with no time left on the clock.

Anonymous said...

damn it, Adam, now I've got to take a blood pressure pill. Let's talk about our mutual love of birdwatching or how we think the Formula-2 series has always been overshadowed by the Formula-1 races...anything. Just give my Devils a little respect: They are 27-3, and that's an off year. Breathe in...Breath out.

Scott said...

No one wants to be Kordell Stewart. Not even Kordell. It's hard enough being black OR gay in this country, but both? With a face like that? And a lifetime QB rating of 70.7? Please. He'd trade places with a carnie if he had the opportunity.

I can see wanting to be Vinatieri more than Eli. I'd be Janikowski before Eli. Hell, I'd be Janikowski's parole officer before Eli. But Vinatieri over Peyton? You lost me there. I admit to being on Peyton's jock a little, but I've always thought he was a class guy (calling out his O-line notwithstanding) with an excellent (regular season) game.

NFL Adam said...

Adam V. = 3 rings; doesn't have to do much; will be able to walk when he's 50.

Peyton = never winning the big game; starting to crack under pressure; will eventually decide where his son will play; hangs out with kenny chesney.

Scott said...

I see your points. But $34.5M buys a lot of consolation.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I am pretty sure even Kordell wishes he wasn't Kordell. Although I MIGHT accept being a black, gay, crappy backup quarterback even for the tiny salary of $660,000. Of course, that comes after making $18M over the previous 4 years. What kind of world do we live in where freakin' Kordell Stewart makes $18M? I am fairly confident I could throw 84 ints for an NFL team and I would only demand a few million $.

anyway...GO JJ!

Scott said...

26 points on 64% from behind the arc, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in the ACC championship game against #11 BC.

Every coach wishes he had someone to choke so horribly in big games