Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jessica Alba Nude!

Not really.

And that has the actress a little upset with Playboy. Alba refused to pose (clothed) for the cover of the March issue of the magazine, dedicated to the sexiest celebrities. (Something Playboy has done in the past.) Playboy instead used a publicity photo from the movie Into The Blue. Not very tactful, but it is legal. Heck, it might not be very legal, either. (We'll have to check with our legal expert, the sports editor for the local Orange County paper.)

So now both Alba and Columbia executives are upset at Playboy as it has done "immeasurable harm" to the actress. Alba's lawyers have demanded that Playboy cease with distribution of the magazine and provide the former Dark Angel star with a large "monetary settlement." Ah, so this is for the money... err... the "immeasurable harm." We can buy that. It's not like Alba is not trying to sell herself as a sex symbol. She would never appear in some sultry men's magazine.

Aright. But she is a serious actress. Everybody watched Sin City for the cinematography and the story.

But that was a one-time deal, she would never do a sequel. Okay. But Alba is really, really pissed. And Columbia, too — they likely wanted everybody to forget that they even financed the flop, Into The Blue. And the scrupulous studio will no way try to parlay this into bigger DVD sales.

No, the people who should be pissed are those who purchased the magazine figuring that Alba was going to pose. (Although the broad does not do nude scenes.) Who is sticking up for disillusioned young men (and some women) who spent the $5 in hopes of seeing Alba airbrushed? These are the people who should be in litigation with Playboy. Unless Alba and Columbia are going to repay these people, this case should be thrown out of court.

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