Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Ol' State U.

The Internets move at a quick pace. What is hot one minute becomes passé the next. Like Cowgirl. One day you have Brent Musberger drooling, as you become an overnight Internets success. Then somebody is on your heels the next day trying to take that crown. That new sensation is Cal State Fullerton softball player Ashley Van Boxmeer.

If Cal State Fullerton sounds familiar to you, it's probably the old story of Leilani Rios (left), the former track star turned exotic dancer. (This will probably prompt an angry email from the CSF Alumni association, but who else are we going to talk about? Kevin Costner?)

Van Boxmeer has gained Internets fame, as her Myspace account has become the world's most famous non-porn site (which means she ranks 4,034,057th overall). Rios, you may remember, was suspended from the track team for being an exotic dancer. Van Boxmeer likely won't face any disciplinary action –mainly because she's good (she leads the team with 5 HRs and 20 RBI) and on scholarship. It's a lot easier to be morally indignant to a walk-on such as Rios.

Besides, her pictures have shattered the image that all softball players are all lesbians.

Oh well. At least she’s hotter than Jennie Finch. Talk about it in The Hater Nation Forums.


Brooks said...

She's pretty...well...orange.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

great work, gentlemen. too bad her myspace page works slow as hell...but still a job well done.