Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Family Feud

It’s been an eventful 2006 for the Mannings—and it’s not even April. The family that exudes big game futility has crammed a lifetime’s worth of disappointments into just four short months. Peyton, Eli, and J.J. (you can read more about J.J.'s lineage here) have all managed to exceed expectations for ineptitude. But which brother has really carried the flag of ineptness for the Mannings?

The cases are laid out before you. It’s up to you to decide in the Hater Poll in the left-hand margin.

  • Peyton Manning’s failures have been well documented back to his college days at Tennessee. The year 2005 was a new low—even for a Manning. Peyton went from the cusp of a perfect season to not even winning its only home playoff game. And don’t forget that interception he threw to Troy Polamalu. With Edge moving down to Arizona following the season, that might have been Peyton's best shot.

  • J.J. Manning had a growing reputation of a big-game choker, despite what Dick Vitale tried to tell you. His horrible performance on senior night gave a small indication of what was to come in the NCAA tournament. Manning went 3 of 18 in Duke's loss to LSU. In Manning's four career tournament losses, he shot 13 of 60 (21 percent). A true Manning.

  • Eli Messiah had quite the playoff debut. The guy he replaced, Kurt Warner, passed for like 800 yards in his playoff debut (while leading he St. Louis football team to the Super Bowl). Eli passed for 113 yards and three interceptions. The Giants had hoped they had acquired a younger version of Peyton. They did. But not in the way they had imagined.

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Richard Cranium said...

Wow, what a genius statement. Hey drunk, your Mom called. She said the short bus is there to take you to school. I have to give it to Eli. There were times when he showed composure and maturity, just to choke. Peyton has already proven his ability to choke, so we all knew that was going to happen. JJ's just a victim of hype. He didn't choke, he just sucks. My vote goes to Eli, for Breakout Choker of the Year.