Thursday, March 09, 2006

Culpepper: Future Raider?

Quarterback Daunte Culpepper has asked to be traded or released from the Vikings. It has some wondering if he will land in Oakland to be reunited with Randy Moss. That would be perfect. The duo can bring that same Minnesota magic to Oakland where they start each season undefeated and then miss the playoffs. Sex parties on Alcatraz, Whizzinators, and squirting water bottles. It would be perfect.

Heck, it's a shame the Raiders didn't hire Mike Tice when they had a chance.

But before you get misty-eyed at the possibility of the NFL’s version of a Martin and Lewis reunion, there is one thing to remember—these comments Moss had about Culpepper last year.

"When it comes to athleticism, Daunte has Kerry beat. But Kerry has pocket presence and knows how to read defenses. So Kerry has a slight step over Daunte."

It would be a shame to think that Moss was lying to us last summer.

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