Thursday, March 23, 2006

Commercial Madness

The NCAA men’s tournament resumes today and that could mean only one thing—more Mike Krzybnmcvbiyugbski commercials for that car company. Great. It’s kind of ironic that the two themes of Coach K’s commercial are honesty and trust. They really cast that commercial well. Although he does look like a used car salesman much in the same vain as Larry from Three’s Company, he’s not exactly the model of honesty or trust.

In future commercials do the ad wizards that came up with that plan to have Paris Hilton talk about abstinence and respectability? The Bish hawking hair-care products? That car company should have sprung for a couple of videos of Osama Bin Laden from Al-Jazeera and used those images instead of Coach K. It would have been less offensive.

Now the fine folks at Mercury certainly have the right idea. Instead of hiring some scumbag coach, they went for a hot chick. This is Jill Wagner (right). Now this is what you from a spokes model. She’s appeared in Punk’d, strutted her stuff for a Stuff Magazine layout, and she is even an Internet geek as she just recently updated her IMDB profile. That's right, her last log in to her own personal page here was only a couple of days. Go for it Zach, you totally have a chance with her.

It's just a shame that Mercury isn't sponsoring the tournament. Instead of Wagner, we get Coach K and the dorks for that family casual chain. Perfect. They will also be playing games on Thursday. Here is a quick run down.

Duke vs. LSU: Alright J.J., it's time for the Manning finally deliver in the clutch.

West Virginia vs. Texas: Heard nobody on the Long Horns basketball team could score high on the Wonderlic Test either.

Memphis vs. Bradley: Don Chaney has threatened to kill Bradley coach Jim Les if they don't beat Memphis.

UCLA vs. Gonzaga:
It's said that former Steppenwolf front-man, Adam Morrison, is one of the biggest trash talkers in the game. Somebody should tell him to eat a candy bar and shut up.

What do you say about some more needless text as a desperate excuse to use another photo of Wagner? You wouldn't mind, would you?

Check out The Hater Nation Forums and Population Statistic for leading us to the Wagner info.


Anonymous said...

It's Jill Wagner, not Amy, you dumbass.

NFL Adam said...

Yeah, because I totally care what her name is.

But hey, Amy Wagner is cute, too.