Friday, March 03, 2006

Black Friday

The NFL's labor negotiation never seemed like much of a big deal. At least until it finally started to hit home.

The NFL's labor strife is not only hurting the future of the NFL – it is already starting to kill the legacy of some of the XFLs brightest stars. In what could only be described as sad news, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that it has released quarterback Tommy Maddox. That was combined with the fact that the Carolina Panthers were forced to released special teams maven Rod Smart.


Maddox dominated the XFL winning every championship and league MVP award in the league’s entire existence. He was that damn good. Smart brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to the league with his pronouncement that everybody in the league hated him.

Maddox was once asked if he could do it over again, would he put a nickname on the back of his jersey? Sadly, Maddox said that he would not. He also said that Smart probably wanted to put "They Hate Me" on the back of his jersey, but just ran out of room.

Lord knows we hate the NFL's owners and players union for causing this to happen. Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums.


Steve said...

NFL players should not be payed more than teachers. End of story. Whining about an extra $5 million signing bonus is crap when the average school teacher gets payed 5 figures.

Anonymous said...

Anybody with a batchelor's degree and a few extra college credits can get certified to be a teacher for kids who are required to show up (if they do). There are only a handful of people who have the athletic talent to make 80,000 people pay money to enter a stadium. As much as it may not be fair, that's the free market.

Anonymous said...

I think teachers should get paid millions of dollars. Sure, our taxes would probably be touch higher, and we probably couldn't afford other services such as fire and police protection. Otherwise, it would be perfect.

It would also make since to have teachers paid so much money so people would get into it for the wrong reasons. Could you imagine T.O. being your kid's teacher? And then having him walk out mid-semester because he didn't think that he was getting enough love for the district? That would be our ideal situation.

Steve said...

First off, I'm not suggesting that teachers should get paid more, I'm suggesting that athletes shouldn't be paid nearly as much as they are.

To anonymous (the latter):
Read your own post again. Now this time, try to tell me using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation (and even keep the sarcasm) that athletes don't get paid enough.

Anonymous said...

My grammar sucks, but I'm making more than $250K per year, so I'll have to console (spelling?) myself with all of this sick cash I am making.

NFL Adam said...

It's amazing how many anonymous people make "sick cash" along with having huge boats, houses, etc.

Sun Devil said...

Teachers don't make money because there are a great number of them. Take a trip down to your local private schools though, and you will see good teachers making "sick cash."