Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bish Moment of Zen

It’s time to check in with The Bish, our favorite columnist from the local paper. The Bish dons his lab coat and dispenses the science nearly every day for the local rag here in Orange County. But the Bish’s style has been outlined here at great lengths to show just how predictable his column has become. It’s like he’s writing a “Mad Libs” most days.

But there are those special days where the Bish just phones it in with the most unimaginative tripe ever put down on newsprint. It is his famous, “These are all opinions, but at least they are mine.” It’s like watching Showgirls on VH1 without all of the nudity. Witness the brilliance of the Bish.

The San Diego Chargers have waited all this time to get good again, and now it appears they'll let Drew Brees, their Pro Bowl quarterback, walk. The amazing thing is, people actually get paid to make decisions like this.

The amazing thing is that the Bish is paid six figures to produce content such as this. It’s as if he’s taunting bloggers everywhere, saying, “Look, I’m getting big jack to come up with this nonsense and I don’t even care enough to come up with an original point.”

It’s almost criminal. It’s as if the local paper’s legal department should be looking for a way to get out of the Bish’s contract instead of investigating small websites.

Discuss the great literary works of The Bish in the Hater Nation Forums. If it is good enough for Zach, then it is good enough for you.

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