Friday, March 24, 2006

Ask a Duke Fan

Here's a spin on our popular "Ask a Raiders Fan" segment where we troll message boards talking to idiot fans so you don’t have to. These statements are not exaggerated and come from the website, We work hard so you don’t have to. (These answers also are unedited so excuse any Internet lingo or misspellings.)

Why did your team lose on Thursday?

Duke lost this game because the officials let this game be played by prison rules. Everytime Reddick even thought about getting the ball he was being tripped, held and hacked. It seemed the officials were out to prove a point that Duke was not going to get any calls.

Prison rules. Well you don't need a degree from Duke to find the underlying meaning there.

Would you say that J.J. Manning is a choker?

I won't say jj is a choker by any means. He has hit some great shots in past games. He has some off nights in the ncaa.

Hes been in a funk for a few weeks now, by NO means is he a choker!


No he is not a choker, but I don't buy the argument that the defense gets more intense. Baskeball analyst, announcers, and Duke fans have all said that the reason for his struggles is because he was either mentally xhausted or that the defense just started playing him tighter. The fact is that he was drained.

It's funny that nobody from Texas, LSU, UCLA, or Memphis are too mentally exhausted. It's those poor Dookies that are really feeling the pressure.

Could there be any other explanation for Duke's ability to choke?

It's the venue, stupid. Why does the NCAA insist on playing some of these games in football stadiums. It is so un-natural to play basketball in these places. It is hard for all the teams to adjust to the shooting backgrounds and "wide openness" of the surrounding environment.

How will you remember Manning?

Great player, great shooter, not overrated despite the comments of other fools who have little basketball intelligence, and one of the greatest college players ever.

Aren't the greatest college players measured by rings?

There's a ton of great college players that didn't get a ring. Maravich and O'Neal from LSU come to mind.

But did any of them fold in a championship tournament like Manning? Did those guys have a surrounding cast of McDonalds All-Americas, an easy bracket, and all of the other benefits that Duke has recieved?

Nobody has an answer for that.

You can talk about Duke in The Hater Nation Forums. And what do you know, there is a new Last and Ten on the left.


Slade said...

First, the name is Slade, not Sledge, as you referred to me earlier.

Second, Dook fans are idiots. But, Pistol Pete was slightly overrated in the sense that his father got him every single shot he took. He probably chucked as much as JJ did (although he hit with MUCH more accuracy). Still, Dook sucks.

Third, comparing JJ Redick to Peyton Manning is totally unfair. To Peyton.

NFL Adam said...

We can't get anything right.

Slade said...

It's cool. Any site that goes to that much trouble to have fun at Dook's expense is cool by me.

the Bish said...

this really warms my heart and my wig

Jeff said...

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