Thursday, March 23, 2006

Aaron Brooks is a Raider

And here you were worried the Raiders were going to do something smart following the release of Kerry Collins.

Aaron Brooks is a perfect Raider, actually. A nice blend of high potential and limited results. The New Orleans Saints faltered in recent years and it was because Brooks is not the type of quarterback who is going to take his team to the next level. And don’t say that Brooks wasn’t given a fair chance—he was armed with running back Deuce McAllister and receiver Joe Horn. Brooks just couldn’t deliver.

Brooks has put up good numbers over the past couple of years and he likely will for the Raiders, too. That’s great for fantasy football, but those numbers have never equated to more than nine wins for the Saints.

Then again, nine wins for the Raiders would seem like the Super Bowl.

The Raiders are obviously impressed with Brooks ability to throw the deep ball. Hmm, he throws a great deep ball; he racks up huge numbers but never seems to get his team over the top. Why does that sound familiar? He’s a mobile version Kerry Collins. But remember, Brooks was benched in favor of Adrian “The Hustler” McPherson* last year, for crying out loud.

You know they will be talking about this in The Hater Nation Forums.

*Brooks was actually benched in favor of Todd Bauman. As Scott from Buc Stats points out, that makes it much, much, worse.


Scott said...

Actually, Brooks was benched in favor of Todd Bouman, an undrafted free agent from St. Cloud. It wouldn't have been so bad for Brooks if the Saints had put McPherson in because it would have looked like they wre trying to develop their new QB. But Bouman? That's just embarassing.

NFL Adam said...

We've become very Sports Guy-like with our accuracy here, eh? It was Bowman. McPherson didn't even take a snap.

Anonymous said...

You are a peace of shit. Get your shits together, moron.