Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Never Know When…

...You might be surrounded by Redskins.

It's a famous line from Tom Landry's American Express Card commercial years ago. It's sage advice that two Cowboys — Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach – should have heeded.

The two Dallas legends have founded a NASCAR racing team, Hall of Fame Racing. Both guys struggled in their early days in the NFL. The Cowboys went 1-15 in Aikman's rookie season (Steve Walsh won the game) and Staubach spent two years* on the bench before getting his chance. So it's fitting that Hall of Fame Racing was fined and stripped of points for using an illegal carburetor in its initial race at Daytona.

The funny thing is who supplied the illegal part – Joe Gibbs. Was the current Redskins coach, who was driven out of the league, playing a rookie prank on the Cowboys duo? Gibbs sent out a press release claiming it was an accident. But it's not hard to imagine Gibbs having a laugh about this at Redskins Park saying, "Those two dumb sons of bitches. The only thing dumber than a Raider is a Cowboy." And then Dan Snyder lights a $100 bill on fire just to celebrate.

Is this enough to get us into NASCAR? Probably not, but state your case in the Hater Nation Forums.

*It was incorrectly noted earlier that Staubach spent five years on the bench. The former Heisman winner spent five years in the Navy before joining the Cowboys. He assumed the starting job in 1971 and led the Cowboys to victory in Super Bowl VI.

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