Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Running Diary

Just kidding. Those are so lame. Who still does stuff like that? Besides, the old memory is not too sharp the day after the first ever The Hater Nation Summit in Las Vegas. The event, held at Moose's Beach House, will hopefully become an annual deal.

There was a little tension when a group of Raiders fans showed up for the Super Bowl. Imagine their surprise when they found out that the Raiders were not playing in the game. Conrad Bain’s assistant informed the group that the Raiders would be playing the winner next week, which seemed to appease them. Thankfully, nobody was stabbed so it would have to be considered a smashing success.

Although airport security scrutinized Lil' Hater on Monday morning. Something about a foul-mouthed, Anna Benson-obsessed, plastic action figure really is unsettling to those spoilsports working the X-Ray machine at McCarran Airport.

The events of Super Bowl Sunday have been rehashed much better. Hopefully somebody can track down poor Zach. But here are a few thoughts off the top of the head:

  • Seattle fans must have really been pissed when Franco Harris waved that Terrible Towel before the game. Ingrate. You thought Terry Bradshaw was biter. How could Harris not remember his hometown Seahawks who allowed him the folly of extending his career in his futile attempt to chase down Jim Brown's rushing record?

  • Speaking of ingrates, it’s no surprise that Joe Montana begged out of the Super Bowl MVP showcase. Montana reportedly wanted $100K to condescend to a Super Bowl appearance. Dan Patrick tried to defend Montana on his radio show today, citing that Montana really wanted to get home to see his son play basketball. It’s amazing how convenient the children become when you are trying to extort the league for more money. Too bad athletes don’t think about their family when you are out carousing.

  • How come the Rolling Stones did not play, Sweet Emotion? A nation feels cheated. Dexie's Midnight Runners played on Fremont Street on Saturday night. Lil' Hater sat through five sets, and the band never played Come on Eileen. Tragic.

  • Tom Brady set the NFL record most limp-wristed coin toss in NFL history. Congrats, Tom. (Did you know the Patriots have never won the coin toss in their four Super Bowl appearances? The Hater Nation is nothing if not informative.) Lil' Hater's note: The Patriots have been in five Super Bowls, moron. The Sports Dork would have known that, jerk. But this site won't pull a Peter King and update a mistake without owning up to it.

And finally, the Bish’s Moment of Zen from Monday’s Orange County Register:

"The Bus" had picked him up so many times, becoming his closest friend and confidant on the team, boosting his confidence when he was down, even mediating his contract when negotiations had gone bad this past summer.

This was the chance for Hines Ward to return the favor.

This was his opportunity to provide the last few, precious ounces of fuel to get "The Bus" home in style.

Damn, the Bish is just that fresh.

Nap time. Keep up your end of the bargain in the Hater Nation Forums.


Todd said...

"Sweet Emotion" is an Aerosmith song.

Anonymous said...

the pats have been in 5 superbowls....

Workin' 4 The Man said...

"Conrad Bain’s assistant. . . ."

He wouldn't happen to be named "Kenny", would he?