Friday, February 03, 2006

pot calls kettle black

Tim Brown is obviously angling for a spot as a Guest Hater here on The Hater Nation.

(Wait for applause from "cheap heat" to die down.)

Brown recently bashed former Raiders coach John Madden on Brown's horrifically bad Pro Football Preview Show on FSN.

"I spent a long time in Raiderland," Brown said, "And when you talk to the old guys who played under Madden, they say, 'Look, if not for this guy, maybe we win three or four Super Bowls.' They actually think that he may have hindered them."

Thats a great take Timmy. It was even better when it was posted here months ago. Way to jump on our bandwagon weeks later.

It's been well established (by us) that Madden is an overrated coach. That cannot be disputed. How can Brown, however, knock somebody else's credentials when he is the most overrated wide receiver in NFL history? Brown is the first receiver to render 1,000 career receptions meaningless. And while Madden's Raiders were notoriously choking against the Steelers in the 1970s, he did manage to win one Super Bowl.

How did your one shot in the Super Bowl go, Tim? One reception for 8 yards.

Maybe Brown's co-star Jason Sehorn can steal this dissertation on Brown's career.

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