Friday, February 03, 2006


I don’t even know her

I kid, I kid. Truth be told, I was Anna Benson's vibrator in an earlier life. (Lil' Hater’s note: If my column starts with this sentence, you were robbed of some sheer genius as the Gibsonisation of this board commences. If my column starts with this sentence, tell NFL Adam that I quit and will start stringing for the Register.)

Where was I, oh yeah Anna Benson. She’s expanding her spotlight hogging to the sport of poker now after signing a deal with Golden Spirit Poker. Anna said that she now considers herself an athlete. Although I guess if you can call baseball players like Cecil Fielder, Bartolo Colon, and her lame husband athletes, the bar is set pretty low to begin with.

Anna also wants the world to know that she is, "Not like some bimbo sitting down at a table." Hey that worked well for Jen Tilly. Go with what works. Anna aspires to be a bimbo, as of now she is just a publicity whore. That’s why she is famous. That and going on the Howard Stern show and telling the world she would cheat with her husband’s teammates if he ever cheated on her.

By that token, if Anna now cheats on Kris, does he get to sleep with all of the women of the World Series of Poker like Jennifer Harman, “Mimi” Tran Thi Thi, Susie Isaacs, and Phil Ivey?

Just asking is all.

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