Thursday, February 02, 2006

McNabb a bad guy?

"But when you sit there and pinpoint a guy because of the color of his skin, and not really pretty much on his performance or the things he's been able to do while he's been in the league, that kind of makes you look like you're the bad guy." – Donovan McNabb, October 1, 2003

This quote was back when McNabb was still considered a good guy. A time when the Eagles quarterback co-stared with his actual mom as a Chunky Soup pitchman. But that time could coming to a close. McNabb no longer seems intent on taking the high road and has started to play down to the level of his competition. McNabb said Terrell Owens committed a "black-on-black" crime when the enigmatic receiver said the Eagles would be better off with Brett Favre.

Something McNabb was really offended by.

"And to say if we had Brett Favre, that could mean that if you had another quarterback of a different descent or ethnic background, we could be winning. That's something I thought about and said, 'Wow.' It's different to say if we had Michael Vick, Daunte Culpepper, Steve McNair, Aaron Brooks, Byron Leftwich. But to go straight to Brett Favre, that slapped me in the face.”

So McNabb would rather be compared to a quarterback who was benched in favor of Todd Bouman instead of a former three-time MVP because of the color of his skin. And not really pretty much on his performance in the league. This kind of makes Donovan McNabb look like a bad guy.

Never thought we'd see the day where Owens is made to look like a sympathetic figure. This is like McNabb's "heel-turn" where he embraces a bad-guy persona. Maybe he can even hire Drew Rosenhaus.

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