Monday, February 13, 2006

Manning Still Doesn't Get It

Peyton Manning threw three interceptions as the NFC prevailed over the AFC, 23-17, in the Pro Bowl on Sunday. Manning, however, did not seem to learn anything from the AFC playoffs as he again pointed fingers at his teammates.

"I don't want to be a bad teammate here, but it sure seemed like we had some protection problems," Manning said. "I know this is supposed to be an 'All-star game,' but some people didn't seem to live up to that status.

"Not me though, I was still money. It's just that nobody could pick up a blitz and give the genius enough time to work. It is hard for me to work with these stiffs sometimes."

Reporters were quick to point out to Manning that Pro Bowl rules prohibit teams from blitzing, which should have worked into the beleaguered quarterback’s favor.

"Oh, man," Manning said. "There was really no blitzing? Wow. Well, did you see all that rainfall? I'm going to try to be a humble servant of the Lord here, but we seemed to have some weather problems from above, which prevented me from being at my best. But now I can empathize with those people who lived through Hurricane Katrina."

In true Manning fashion, he did manage to fall well short of tying the Pro Bowl individual game mark for interceptions set by Jim Hart (5).

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