Monday, February 27, 2006

Life Imitating Art

Bob Uecker describes a villainous Yankees pitcher (as if they were any other kind) in the movie Major League by saying, "He once threw at his own kid at a father-son game." It has apparently come to fruition.

Roger Clemens allowed a homerun in his first pitch in a simulated game against Houston Astros minor leaguers. The next time, the batter was given a pitch, high-and-tight. Only the batter was his son, Koby Clemens.

The younger Clemens took the attempted beaning in stride, and even broke his bat on the next pitch. But that is when the whole situation turned surreal as Roger retrieved part of the bat and threw the splintered wood back at his son. That touched off a benches clearing dust-up as the father grabbed his son in a headlock and started hitting him on the top of the head. Roger actually reached back and clock Astros manager Phil Garner during the melee.

Alright, that last paragraph was made up, but you kind of believed it, huh?

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