Friday, February 17, 2006

Jon Gruden: Fun Guy

Las Vegas Review Journal gossip columnist Norm Clarke recently spotted Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden checking into the Hooters Casino Hotel. And good for Jon, he could use a little fun after the way the Buccaneers season ended (though you can bet the NFL isn’t thrilled with the thought a marquee coach gambling in Las Vegas).

Can you imagine Gruden in a casino? The dude can’t play poker because every emotion is on his face. But the dude would be a lot of fun to hang out with in Vegas. Or would he?

We were able to grab some video surveillance video from Hooters to document Gruden's trip to Las Vegas. Here it is with a written transcript beneath it.

"If that dealer gives me another 16, I am going to get pissed!"

"Did that guy just split tens?!?!?!"

"Blackjack! Mother [expletive]!"

"I just doubled down and you gave me a 2?"

"Did that Asian dealer just hit a five-card 21 when I had a 20?"

The players react to Gruden hitting the hard 10 on the craps table.

So it looked like Gruden had a little fun on his trip to Las Vegas. Maybe he is loosening up? And that means only one thing, "The Last and Ten signs that Jon Gruden is starting to loosen up!" (Left)

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