Thursday, February 09, 2006

harry f'ing carson?

Remember that time you took your kids to the Meadowlands for the specific reason of seeing Harry Carson play?

Remember that one big play Harry Carson made? You know, that one that's become part of NFL lore? The one they always show on the highlights?

Remember sitting in front of the TV, and refusing to change the channel because you were afraid of missing an amazing defensive play by Harry Carson.

No, No, and f’ing No.

So then why is a poor man's Wilbur Marshall in the Hall of Fame?

Oh right, he played in New York and his dead owner was pushing for it. I guess that makes his mediocre career that much more important. Whatever. It’s bad enough that the NFL forced Eli Manning and the fraud Giants down our throats all season, now they have to fellate NY again with this joke selection. Why not put Brad Van Pelt in there while you’re at it? Jerks.

Yeah, Carson ran up some nice career stats, and got in the Pro-Bowl for a bunch of years. But hey, it's not like he benefited by having the most dominating linebacker in NFL history lining up on the other end of the field, getting triple-teamed while Carson was more or less allowed to go unblocked every play for a decade. Oh, wait, never mind.

Joe Gibbs didn't spend 20-hour days in Redskins Park working on schemes to neutralize Carson - he was a complete afterthought. I mean, Carrot Top would've gotten gaudy stats if LT were on his team.

Carson wasn't even the second best linebacker on the Giants, Carl Banks gets that honor. Does this mean that Peter Boulware goes to Canton, due to his luck of playing alongside Ray Lewis?

Funny that Carson gets a free pass to the HOF for riding LT’s coke-fueled coattails to the HOF, while the classy Art Monk gets passed over again because voters contend he benefited from playing alongside Gary Clark during the Redskin’s heyday.

Of course, Monk never played for the Giants, so that's ok, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Good point on Carson, but Monk does not desrvice it.

TJ Rubley said...

Nice restaurant, but desrvice stinks.

Carrot Top said...

"Carrot Top would've gotten gaudy stats. . . ."

What do you mean, "would have"?