Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good Luck Joey

Joey Harrington probably thought his life was miserable before. It is now going to get worse with the Lions hiring of Mike Martz. The prevailing thought among the misguided is that Martz is the master of taking mediocre quarterbacks and making them great. Uh, okay.

Kurt Warner may have won a Super Bowl ring and a couple of MVP awards, but Martz is directly responsible for nearly getting him killed. Warner should look at Muhammad Ali for a portrait of his future. Marc Bulger missed eight games in 2005, as three quarterbacks saw significant playing time in St. Louis. It was the second time that has happened since 2002).

Both Warner and Bulger had a shelf life of three years because they could get rid of the football quickly, but still took a lot of punishment. Harrington has one of the worst deliveries in NFL history. If Tim Robbins was ever going to play an NFL quarterback in a movie, he would probably have a motion similar to Harrington's.

Harrington not only will struggle under Martz, but he will probably be released before the season starts. If Harrington does stay in Detroit he hopefully will buy an industrial strength blender to prepare his dinner.

But hey, if you are in my fantasy league please ignore these facts and make Harrington your No.1 quarterback. Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums.


Michael said...

You don't think Jeff Garcia isn't the one that's going to take the brunt of the Mike Martz regime?

Rick Venturi said...

Hey, isn't there a job still open out west? Someone want to drop my name to Al?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

would it be such a bad thing if harrington gets clobbered? i certainly wouldn't mind.

our boy mel kiper thinks that detroit's gonna take vandy's jay cutler in the draft. he'll be the next harrington for sure.

NFL Adam said...

Mike's got a good point. Jeff Garcia could be the beneficiary. But Harrington can't last there.

Benny said...

Joey can be labeled as a bust now. No matter who they bring in to coach or catch the ball his numbers still stink.

He'll be a career backup in the very near future.