Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dust in the Brees

The Chargers are seemingly content to let Drew Brees walk away as a free agent. The two schools of wisdom advocated by the media and experts is that the Chargers either has its head up its (expletive) or they are just (expletive) stupid.

Yes, how could the Chargers be so stupid to give away a quarterback of Brees caliber? This guy could go on to be the next John Friez or something. It seems ridiculous that the Chargers could let go of a quarterback that has won some many playoff games and won so many MVP awards.

Oh wait; Brees hasn't won any of those things. The legend of Brees has rivaled Paul Bunyon in the past couple of days since the Chargers announced that they would let him test the free agent market. But let's be realistic here. Brees is not among the top echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL which includes Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger among others. But the media is acting like the Chargers are getting rid of Joe Montana in his prime.

Brees is what he is, a good quarterback but nothing special. If you really want to stump a Chargers fan, ask him to recall the game where Brees put the team on his shoulders and willed them to a victory. That happened about as often as Kerry Collins willed the Raiders to a victory. Or Art Shell out-coached somebody.

Brees reached the Pro Bowl in 2004 but he did it against some of the weaklings in the NFL. Brees went 10-0 against teams at or below the .500 mark. He was 2-5 against teams with winning records as Chad Pennington (who also could become available) and the Jets bounced the Chargers from the playoffs.

Yeah, it is getting harder to understand why the Chargers would let this guy walk. The Chargers know what they are getting in Brees. He is a good quarterback that will put up decent numbers. But has anything that he has done in the past two years shown you that he will lead this team to the Super Bowl? Brees has always come off as a Pat Haden-type of quarterback. Successful but unspectacular. (Of course the Rams reached the only Super Bowl in club history when Vince Ferragamo replaced Haden.)

It's time to give Phillip Rivers a chance to prove why the Chargers considered him the best quarterback in the 2004 NFL Draft. Brees has taken the Chargers about as far as his bum shoulder could take them. It's time to see what Rivers can do. It is similar to the situation the Bengals were in a couple of years ago when they benched Jon Kitna in favor of Carson Palmer. It's kind of hard to argue with that move now, even though many thought the Bengals were nuts for doing it.

If the Chargers had put Rivers on the bench again, you would have to figure that they had their heads up their (expletive) or they were just (expletive) stupid.

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