Wednesday, February 01, 2006

detroit bish city

Have you ever connected with a sports writer? Felt like you can read his mind? There has recently been a strong connection Orange County Register columnist Steve "The Bish" Bisheff and me. (We would present that mug right here, but copyright laws may prevent that. Instead we’ll go with an alternative that most of his readers could identify with.)


The great thing about Bisheff is that you know exactly what he is going to write every day. And his mind-numbing tripe has become more predictable than your basic Three’s Company plotline.

The genius of the Bish was previously outlined here. It was a classic Bish story where he hit all of his signature trademarks, much like Brett Hart's "Five Moves of Doom." The Bish was at it again this week as he again expressed his man-crush on Jerome Bettis.

Witness the brilliance of The Bish.

It isn't just that Jerome Bettis arrives as the best story of Super Bowl week. No, it's more than that. Much more.

This is the patented “Damn is the Bish fresh or what move,” repeating a phrase twice to show just how damn good he is.

He arrives as Detroit's 255-pound savior.

The Bish is deep. Like your average puddle.

But don’t let us down, Bish. Where is your trademark, forced pop culture reference?

If Ray Romano will forgive us, that should be the real title of Super Bowl XL:
Everybody Loves Jerome.

Wow. Congratulations Bish. Not only have you written the same column twice in a week, but you have managed to make each piece as unimaginative and uninteresting than the previous one.

But don't think that the love was not returned. Here we see Bettis playfully running around Ford Field with the Bish's hair in his hand (right).

The Bish was so fresh on Wednesday we even did something we have never done in our lives: read past the jump. It is where we found this gem, hidden away. Remember, we mockinlgy wrote this about a story we would love to see covered in the Super Bowl:

Columnist hilariously points out that Super Bowl XL could be viewed as Super Bowl "Extra Large." The columnist anxiously awaits word from Pulitzer Prize committee. ...

Nobody would be dumb enough to do that, right? Well then you obviously don’t know the Bish.

Jerome is back in town, and even the X and L in the game’s Roman numerals seem to fit for this Extra-Large hero.

This is the Bish and I making a connection. Discuss the Bish in the Hater Nation Forums.

Bettis photo courtesy of Wooda at Live1 Productions. Want a medal now?


Eric Stratton said...

Great, you are going to need my services again.

Seitz said...

Yeah, this dude is dumb. I don't read the Register very often, but did you see my post on his idiocy from a week or two ago?

NFL Adam said...

Oh, I saw it. You can read it here.

This is the kind of stuff that is going to get you sued by the Register.