Monday, February 27, 2006

Beat LA

Finally broke down and watched a full NBA game on Friday night. And by full NBA game that means tuned in for the fourth quarter — just missed the Clippers amazing 16-0 run that put away the Lakers in the third quarter. It is still too early, however, to claim the Clippers are the kings of Los Angeles. Still, it's odd to see the Clippers as the team pulling off great trades and getting poised for a playoff run. It was not unusual to hear a MVP chant rain through the rafters of the Staples Center. It was surreal that it was an endorsement of the Clippers Elton Brand.

Hey, why not?

But this is the Clippers, so you know something bad had to happen. And it came when Chris Kamen injured his ribs when King Kong Bundy ran out from the back and “splashed” him into the steel ring posts. But that’s the Clippers – the Al Bundy of the NBA. (And seriously, have we ever seen Kamen and Hulk Hogan's hair in the same place at the same time? Watch it the next time you see it. Nothing has us more excited about the NBA playoffs than Kamen's do being on national television.)

The Lakers though, wow, that's one bad basketball team. Kobe gets a lot of well-deserved grief about his shooting and he should – he doesn't shoot enough. The Lakers took 77 shots on Friday night, and Kobe only took 29 of them. You would have to figure that Kobe needs to take at least 50 for the Lakers to win. Lamar Odom is the biggest waste of a basketball player since Derrick Coleman. And Kwame Brown? Garbage. Both players are so bad, you figure they will be on the New York Knicks roster by next year.

This reminds us of why we would rather spend our time watching Dancing with the Stars on a Sunday night instead of watching that epic Lakers vs. Celtics battle. And Wally Szadhfkljnak is one the Celtics now? That's fitting.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

you guys must've had something, anything, better to do than watch a full NBA game. Right? please tell me i'm right.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game friday. It had so much intensity it was crazy. Laker fans were everywhere. I haven't seen the Clips play a dominate game like that in a long time. In the 3rd they swarmed Kobe and forced him into multiple turnovers and terrible shots. The other laker players just stood around watching. Who can blame them? They hardly touch the ball at times. George and Cook have contributed when given the chance. Kwame is the worst excuse for a Laker ever...but that is the Lakers fault, they had a up and coming talent in Caron Butler and gave him up for this? Odom is far too streaky but at the same time Vlad Radmonovic D'd him up big time. When Odom isn't handling the PG duties it gets even worse for LA.

It's only going to get worse for them....and as soon as it may be, there is only one show in LA now and that's the Clippers.