Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ball Hog

No, it’s not Kobe. But what about Dwayne Wade? He scored the Heat's last 17 points, including the game-winner on a 16-footer with 2.3 seconds left, as Miami edged the Detroit Pistons 100-98 Sunday.

The public (and likely this site) would have been all over Kobe if he had done that, even in beating the defending champions. But Wade is not only getting a free pass, but he is being applauded for it.

If the casual NBA fans are going to be upset with Kobe's ball hogging where is the indignation with Wade for doing the exact same thing? The Heat aren't going to be able to win it all if the doesn't include his teammates, right? Columnist lined up to call Kobe a "glory hog" and worse. Where are the editorials chastising Wade for scoring his team’s final 17 points? That obviously was a selfish act.

And where is Shaq in this whole thing? He could not have been too pleased. But there was nary a peep from the big guy.

As much fun as it is to call out Kobe (and trust us, it is fun), it is important to note the hypocrisy when it comes to Kobe.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

maybe people aren't ragging on wade b/c, unlike kobe, he didn't, uh, rape someone.

Ant said...

Maybe they don't rag on wade not only cause of the rape charges but because he doesn't ball hog...EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Doing it within the flow of the game like Wade's 17 to help pull out the win against Detroit is one thing. Kobe does it every single night, which is proven by his almost 28 shot attempts per game.

mutoni said...

There is no reason to criticize either guy. Wade only needed to carry his team during that stretch of the 4th quarter because he has other teammates who are capable of playing at high levels and can help him out most games; however, they were about to lose this one to the Pistons and he took over. Can't fault a man for doing what's best for the team.

As for Kobe, he has no one who can help him consistently on his team. Lamar and Cook will show up once in a while, but for the most part, he needs to shoot nearly 30 times for the Lakers to have a chance at victory. To think that he shoots that many shots simply to pad stats or enhance his Hall of Fame resume is beyond shortsighted and will always be an issue because there are many haters of the man. Yeah he does take some god-awful shots once in a while, bu t he is trying to win above anything else.
Most serious Laker observers know this.
The supporting cast is garbage, they would easily be the worst team in the League if he wasn't on the squad. I watch nearly all Laker games and it's downright depressing how mediocre this team is, it's a miracle they're hanging on to that last playoff spot and I fear they'll fall apart towards the end of the year because they lack weapons to secure a playoff seed.