Thursday, January 26, 2006

Who's Dancing with the Devil?

It is fair to say that Terrell Owens has been a pretty vocal critic of his quarterbacks. He insinuated that Jeff Garcia was gay and painted Donovan McNabb as a "sellout" who gets sick during the big games.

Whether Owens is right can be debated. But what can't be disputed is that it is all very entertaining. Be honest, Owens is the biggest non-Raider topic on this site. That is why we are excited about a recent report that has linked Owens with—wait for it—the Denver Broncos.

And there are even members of the Broncos who would be in favor of this.

"He's a great player," Broncos center Tom Nalen told the Denver Post. "Any team would be happy to have him. I think he'd do well here. With this locker room, I think he would conform to our standards and fit in well here."

Two things here: Either Nalen is an idiot, or he must really, really hate Jake Plummer.

But it might be worth the risk for Denver. They were only a game away from the Super Bowl and Owens is pretty much guaranteed to have one incident-free season with the Broncos. It might be worth it. And if things work out, Owens could lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl next year and the Avalanche could retire his number. Maybe they will even spring for a parade in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Talk about it in the
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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

T.O. would probably call Plummer something creative, like a caveman. ya, that'd be pretty dead on.

TJ Rubley said...

Call me crazy, but I like the match. The Broncos will have another run in them next season if they can hold this bunch together. And teams that sign T.O. get one season of harmony before his shit hits that fan. It can't hurt to give Plummer another target, and Rod Smith is there to smack T.O. upside the head if he needs it.

And then when it all falls to peices, T.O. will be all set for the Raiders.