Saturday, January 21, 2006

What's Up for the Title Games?

Award season is alive and well in Hollywood. If you ever want to make a sure-fire critically acclaimed movie it needs to revolve around somebody who is either hideously ugly (Monster), retarded (My Name is Sam), or gay (Brokeback Mountain). You'll have a real winner if you subject is ugly, retarded and gay.

Hey, that sounds like Peyton Manning’s life story.

It's a shame that we won't have Manning to kick around anymore—other than their insipid commercial appearances. This weekends games seem to lack a villain to root for. As we wrote about a long, long time ago, villains are everything.

Nevertheless here is what's up for Championship Weekend.


Tough question when there is nobody to root against. But we're pulling for Denver because of one person who has never even put on a Broncos uniform—Pat Tillman. The immense media scrutiny will force this story back to the surface, thanks to Tillman's friendship with Jake Plummer. And rightly so. Tillman's story, along with the military's cover-up, should not be buried. Peole need to be reminded.

There is also a rooting interest for the Panthers seeing that they were the Hater Nation's (and everybody's) pick to win the Super Bowl. Of course, we also picked a break out year for the Houston Texans and look how well that turned out. And don't forget about the Seahawks uniform factor.


This game would not be close if this was played in Pittsburgh—the Broncos would obviously win. It's just still hard to imagine that Bill Cowher is going to have his team prepared for three consecutive playoff games. The Steelers Super Bowl was last week. They will not have enough left in the tank. It won't be close. Jake Plummer is going to the Super Bowl. The pick: Denver.


You wouldn’t be the first to doubt Jake Delhomme. Mel Kiper Jr. said that the Panthers should take Aaron Rodgers in last year's draft. Remember that when Kiper projects USC's LenDale White to fall all they way down to No. 17 in this year's draft. Jake is the reason that the Panthers are going to their second Super Bowl in three years. Delhomme comes up big in the playoffs. He's like the anti-Manning. Delhomme shredded the Bears defense and holds a 5-1 all-time playoff mark. That one loss, of course, came in the Super Bowl to the Patriots. That won’t happen again. The pick: Carolina.

Pick 'em pal in the Hater Nation Forums.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

phew! I made my picks before I read this and it looks like everything worked out ok. I'm going with Pitt and Seattle.

NFL Adam said...

Hey, we actually went 3-1 last week. But yeah, the precident says your better off going against us.

twin_daddy said...

Do you think The Broncos will have the added advantage of the officials on their side, two weeks straight? You know damn-well if the officials try and screw The Steelers this week, Iron Jaw will taking the dial-a-down marker and shoving it up the Side Judge's ass!

Conrad Bain said...

Anyone who follows this site knows that there are two themes at work here. One of them is that the Raiders blow. The other is that the Cowboys rule.

Adam, I think it's time to honestly admit to everyone why you want the Steelers to go away now. You want the Steelers to go away because if they win tomorrow they will probably go on to win their fifth Super Bowl, tying them with Dallas.

There were eight quarterbacks who played last weekend. At the bottom of the list in passing yardage, beneath Rex Grossman, was Jake The Flake. Like Scarlett O'Hara before him, Jake owes his existence to the kindness of strangers. Plummer was given a styrofoam tub side order of gravy last week. On the House. This week the House collects. The Steelers win.

As for the NFC, my heart is with the Cats and those ladies in that stall over there, but my gut says Hasselback gets the ball and this time he really is gonna score.

Steve Young said...

Yeah, but we were the first to five and we have never lost a Super Bowl, unlike the Cowboys and Steelers.

Jerome Bettis said...

Nice pick, bitch!

married-into-the-nation said...

Looks like your picks (Denver, Panthers) qualify as an official S.I. curse.

Junk yard dog said...

I had Pitt and Carolina to begin with, but actally emailed a friend about 20 minutes before gametime saying that SEA would roll!!! Nick Goings?! Figured SEA would force them to run the rock and do whatever they could to shut down Smith and they did, except for a punt return. Rumor has it that Goings asked to transfer when he heard he was going to be the featured back. When he got clocked in the head, the trainer asked if he knew where he was, and he said "Ohio State" at which time he was shut down for the rest of the game