Thursday, January 05, 2006

Underdog USC Loses Game, Wins Respect

The USC football team was told by every gridiron expert that it had no chance to win the Rose Bowl. The Trojans were advised repeatedly that they would have no chance to slow down Longhorns quarterback Vince Young. But USC stood in with the best team in college football for nearly 58 minutes, taking the national champions to the brink of elimination.

Though USC would eventually lose the game, the won something much greater—respect from the college football world. The Trojans were huge underdogs to the heavily favored Longhorns. And though a point spread does not decide college football, USC has nothing to be ashamed of for its effort on Wednesday night.

Little-known stars such as Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart jumped into the national consciousness in the Rose Bowl. These diffident warriors chose to hide from the spotlight in an effort to prepare for the game. But the nation learned that they were humble warriors, valiant in defeat on Wednesday, who showed their true class in their post-game comments. And led by plucky coach Pete Carroll, it was no wonder the world was rooting for this team like it was the Special Olympics.

While the world is celebrating a Texas victory, we should take time to acknowledge that gutty little Trojans team who nobody gave a chance in this ballgame. The Hater Nation would like to salute USC and its effort—even though it fell woefully short of winning a national championship.

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Ryan Lovelett said...

Sarcasm I hope.

Steve said...

Beautiful. That is simply a beautiful peice.