Thursday, January 19, 2006

Panthers Cheerleaders Are Back

Our favorite newstory of 2005 is back.

Angela Keathley (the Sea Hag) has settled out of court in the Panthers cheerleaders sexcapades. Renee Thomas (the hot one) will not go down without a fight (pun intended). Not only did Thomas knock the snot out of kill-joy and lesbian sex blocker, Melissa Holden, but now Thomas is suing her for deformation of character.

This is a point in the story when the Bish would pull out a Yakov Smirnof quote and claim, "What a country."

Thomas obviously doesn't like being known as the lesbian cheerleader. But maybe Thomas should be more upset that she never took the Penthouse offer and cashed in while she had a chance. Oh well, maybe Playboy will add them in a pictorial when this story is forgotten about and irrelevant in five years.

And was this update really a reason to post those pictures again? We plead guilty. Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums.

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