Thursday, January 19, 2006

NFL's Soccer Mom Rips Terry Bradshaw

It didn't take Archie Manning too long before finally going after Terry Bradshaw for ripping his son, Peyton, following the Colts playoff loss. Bradshaw was critical of Manning for putting the blame on his pass protection instead of own notorious choking ability.

"I know Terry well, and this isn't the first time," said Manning, who was passing out orange slices and "Squeeze-Its" in the Colts locker room when he heard Bradshaw's comments. "He's taken shots at me, he takes a lot of shots -- he seems to like to take shots at Peyton. He wore me out two years ago on Eli's deal [whining about playing in San Diego forcing a draft-day trade to the Giants]. He wore me out.

"[Bradshaw] is not a bad guy. He's in a high-profile spot there. Maybe that's what he's supposed to do up there, get after people. I don't know. You just move on."

Archie then jumped into his Aerostar minivan and drove away.

The one who seems to have trouble moving on is Archie as he always meddles in his sons' affairs. Joe Simpson looks merely supportive by comparison. One of the boys needs to cut the cord from Papa or this relationship could end like Marvin Gaye and his father. Or at the very least end up like that one unheard of sibling, Jon Bonet Manning.

At least Archie was able to report some good news for one of his boys.

"Probably the only good thing that's happened to a Manning boy in the last week is Eli killed an 11-point buck last Friday," Archie said.

Of course, Eli had originally intended to kill an 12-point buck but was intercepted by the 11-point buck. Laugh at the Manning family in the Hater Nation Forums.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

Archie Manning and Terry Bradshaw should jump into a hole together somewhere. But hey, juice squeezes? I always had a Capri Sun. But whatev.

So where's that Norv Turner photo you were gonna rip off me and naturally, not give me credit for? I was looking foward to seeing it.

And thanks for the link. I appreciate it. But the link says "Zach's Deal." Sounds like I have some fucking disorder or something. I'm going with this trite name, called The Big Picture. It only says it everywhere on my blog!

Always a good laugh when visiting NFL Adam and the Hatin' Homeboys.

Conrad Bain said...

It disgusts me to see a father cling to his adult offspring the way Archie is, especially now that his boys are grown and out of the nest.

One need only look at the post-"Facts Of Life" existences of Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman and Dana Plato to see how far they were allowed to ride the Bain Man's coattails.

Greg Evigan said...

"Facts Of Life"?? Looky here, Bain... It takes "Differen't Strokes" to rule the world! At least you never let the kids tag along on your Love Boat appearance.

Conrad Bain said...

Eheeh hehe! Freudian slip... I must've been thinking about the time I showed up on the "FOL" set and rogered everything in sight.

Molly Ringwald said...

I lost my virginity to the Bain on that fateful day.

Charlotte Rae said...

Bain, you motherfucker. I don't care if you are hung like a bear; you had no right to use me like some receptacle for your cloven-hooved seed. I should have shot you when I saw you nailing Meryl in a spare trailer on the Postcards set (close the curtains next time asshole!), but the Columbia rent-a-cop tazered me in the spine before I had the chance.

Watch your back, asshole. I made it look like a suicide with Plato. I can do the same to you.

Fuck Bain. Go Steelers.

TJ Rubley said...

Look at you, Bain, trying to pad your resume by implyingFacts Of Life would allow you on the cast. Facts Of Life was a quality show, with great plots, a great cast and inspiring messages about life. Many times during my NFL career I found myself looking back and drawing on the life lessons I learned from that show. What lessons did anyone ever learn from you, Mr. Drummond? How to smoke crack? How to off yourself? How to figure skate? Stop embarrassing yourself, clown.

fi said...

Jon Bonet Manning, wow

Anonymous said...

You "urban rednecks" wouldn't know a "class act" if it hit you in your loser, "shitty lives" face.

Go ahead and criticize the Mannings...they will laugh at you $12/hr ass all the way to the bank(s).

Yankee losers.