Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NFL to Steelers: Our Refs Suck

The NFL said the referee made a mistake: Troy Polamalu caught the ball.

The league acknowledged Monday that referee Pete Morelli erred when he overturned on replay Polamalu's interception of Peyton Manning's pass attempt late Sunday in the playoff game between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

Mike Pereira, the league's vice president of officiating, said in a statement that Morelli should have let the call on the field stand.

"He maintained possession long enough to establish a catch," Pereira said. "Therefore, the replay review should have upheld the call on the field that it was a catch and fumble."

Pereira also noted that Jerry Porter's comments about the ref's cheating were "spot-on" and that it was "our bad."

The only question, where was Ed "Guns" Hochuli when the nation really needed him?

Figures. The NFL's most self-absorbed referee couldn't pry himself from his Sports Illustrated appearance to make it out to a game. Check out the Hater Nation Forums.


twin_daddy said...

Trust me... If Eddie Guns were officiating that game, none of the incompetent, inept calls (or lack thereof) would have taken place. When Ed's on the field, there's no doubt who is in charge. He's the best Ref that the NFL has.

Benny said...

Damn Big Ed is bigger than some NFL players.

Would hate to be put in a headlock by him.

Wonder if he does some bicep curls before the game and at halftime to get that extra pump?

Scott said...

Hey, I hope I'm in as good of shape as Ed is when I'm 86.

Anonymous said...

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