Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ND = No Defense

You just cannot give Charlie Weis four weeks to prepare for an opponent. You just can’t. Because Weis is going to spend too much of that time at the local pizza parlor and not enough time actually preparing for his football game.

Weis was brought to Notre Dame for two reasons. The first was to beat USC. The second was to win a BCS bowl game and stop the school’s long record of futility in recent bowl games. Weis has failed in both accounts—as Notre Dame extended its record-tying bowl losing streak to eight games.

Look for Weis to get another contract extension if he sets the record next year.

Alright Notre Dame apologists, we already know what your excuse is going to be. Give Charlie Weis time to get his own recruits and we will see what happens. That should be filed with some of the other myths that were perpetuated prior to the Fiesta Bowl. Notre Dame already was drawing some of the top players in the country anyway. The troubling part for Notre Dame fans is that the team really did not seem to improve much from the beginning of the season to end. Add that there was not one big victory that the school could hang its hat on other than almost beating USC.. So much for the second coming of Knute Rockne.

If anything, Weis has already started to look like the second coming of Bob Davie, who also was exposed in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back.


It is time for Laura Quinn to now go away. Give credit to linebacker A.J. Hawk who not only won the Fiesta Bowl, but managed to walk away with the quarterback’s sister. That probably led to some interesting smack talk for the All-America linebacker who was able to sack quarterback Brady Quinn twice.

And give credit to Laura, too, who did a great job of selling herself to the media. Quinn made the round on Cold Pizza, and followed that up by taking her cues and mugging for the cameras during the game. And what was with that awful jersey? We get it, your loyalties are split. Just think how foolish you will feel when Hawk dumps you when the NFL money starts rolling in.

Laura proved to be just as overrated as her brother in the end. She also drew to mind the quote from Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when he told Jennifer Grey to lay off the eye makeup because it made her look like a whore.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

Right. How much fucking time did they need with Laura Quinn. She's not even that hot.

But I got the REAL story why the Irish lost yesterday. Check it out:


Love the site guys. I check it all the time.

NFL Adam said...

Yeah, check out Zack's site when you get a chance.

bucky said...

What the heck? A few weeks ago you were fluffing the Dome, dissing Ty Willingham for ranking ND as low as 9th, and slamming the ol' Ball coach for ranking the Domers 14th. Maybe they actually knew what the fuck they were doing- that ND was essentially Wisconsin with a better PR guy.