Friday, January 27, 2006

Martz Talks With Raiders

Mike Martz interviewed with Raiders owner Al Davis on Thursday about the Raiders' coaching vacancy according to the Mercury News. And to be quite honesty, we don't know if we have been good enough in our lives to receive such a blessing.

Davis had previously cast aside Martz earlier this month citing health concerns.

"I am a little concerned about Mike from another standpoint, physically, right now," Davis said. "But Mike has always been of interest because he is dynamic. He is not afraid. But there is a fear there right now (about his health)."

This coming from a guy that has cheated death for two centuries and can no longer move about without a walker. The Hater Nation will keep you up to date with this story.


We received an anonymous comment on a recent story from somebody who wanted to clarify that Jon Gruden was traded from the Raiders. Somehow that makes things worse. The Raiders received a first and second round pick in 2002, a first round pick in 2003, and a second round pick in 2004. Plus $8 million in cash.

Tampa Bay gave Oakland the 21st and 53rd picks in the draft in 2002. The Raiders dealt third- and fifth-round picks to trade up from No. 21 to No. 17, when they took cornerback/returner Phillip Buchanon. With Tampa Bay's second-round pick, Oakland picked tackle Langston Walker.

Buchanon now plays for Houston. Walker has started 17 games

The Raiders selected defensive end Tyler Brayton with the Buccaneers first pick in 2003 (No. 32 after humiliating the Raiders in the Super Bowl) and center Jake Grove the following year. Brayton has registered 6 sacks in three years and Jake Grove has started 16 games in two seasons.

And for the money? The Raiders are nearly $30 million over the salary cap right now, meaning they will be paying a lot of money to guys no longer on the team this season.

So in other words, thanks to anonymous for pointing that out.

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