Monday, January 23, 2006

Fun With Jason Sehorn

Jason Sehorn took some time on Sunday to answer some questions from fans during the NFC Championship Game. Sehorn was very gracious with his time, but he would not answer any of our questions. But we have provided them here. No idea why he would not take the time to answer these relevant questions from one of his biggest fans. Here they are:

  • Jason, you were burned badly by Brandon Stokley in Super Bowl XXXV? How badly would Steve Smith burn you?

  • Jason, scratch that last question. You were burned by a Panthers receiver in the playoffs a couple of years ago when you played for St. Louis. Who was that? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jason where does Jake Delhomme rank among quarterbacks who have burned you? Above or below Trent Dilfer? Ever been burned by Matt Hasselbeck? Anxiously awaiting your answer.

  • Jason, is it worse to be burned in college or pro? Please discuss the pros and cons of each.

  • Jason, was their a bigger media whore moment than when you proposed to your wife on the Tonight Show? Is it true Elton John (who was there) told you to butch up? And is that marriage ever going into the pooper?

  • Jason, where do you believe you rank among the most overrated players in sports? Can’t wait for your take.

  • Jason, is your biggest regret in sports begging to play special teams and suffering a season-ending injury, getting burned by Stokley, or your appearance on Third Watch?

Maybe it was sitting down to do that chat session. What would you have liked to have known from Sehorn? Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums.


TJ Rubley said...

I thought Sehorn was great as a judge during the dunk-off competition on Slamball. Lucky for him Angie Harmon's movie career has taken off like it has.

twin_daddy said...

Dude! Those were some great questions. Don't tell me he didn't bother to address just one of those. Those were totally legit!

Ashton said...

Dude! Who stole my car?

Benny said...

Adam, those questions are hilarious! I wonder if the moderator or whoever was screening the questions had to refrain from laughing his ass off at those questions. Nice going