Saturday, December 17, 2005

What's Up For Week 15?

The NAACP has come down on Donovan McNabb for “selling out” because he no longer scrambles out of the pocket. It felt that McNabb should keep it real by running like Michael Vick and throwing off target passes like the Falcons quarterback. At least McNabb has that last part down pat. The NAACP also has suggested the McNabb knock up a few women, get a cool alias like Ron Mexico, and get a couple of lap dances on a luxury yacht to increase his credibility.

In related news, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints has said that Steve Young sold out the Mormon religion by refusing to stand in the pocket, and instead scrambling like one of those sons of Cain.

So what else is up for Week 15?

What is your official take on the Colts going 16-0?

Obviously the Chargers need to win this game on Sunday. But to put that aside there are a couple of points here. The 1972 Dolphins need to go away. The Canton Bulldogs did not player hate like these jokers. This record needs to be erased from the books. The Colts would go 16-0 and lose in the playoffs in a perfect world. That would cement Peyton Manning as the greatest regular season quarterback in NFL history, but the biggest playoff choker. It is almost enough to make you root for the Colts on Sunday.

What is your official take on the Vikings boat cruise?

You want us to swing in Sports Dork style and submit a rehashed joked days too late?

Good point, moving on …

In light of the Dolphins defeating the Chargers, what is the biggest upset of the season?

The Dolphins was not even the biggest upset on Sunday. It was Danni winning Survivor. We have already covered this at length, but the Gary Hogeboom situation still haunts us. Danni contends that she recognized Hogeboom because she went to a Central Michigan game and the place was like a shrine to him. So we had our correspondent, Erin in Ottawa (yes that one), check the CMU media guide. Her findings included a few mentions on the all-time list and one picture.

Hardly a shrine. Former Chippewa receiver Rob Turner gets more love than that. It was an obvious plant as we surmised many weeks ago. As we said then (and was reported by other sites recently) we know Cowboys fans such as Rob in Tampa (yes that one) that would not have been able to recognized him.

How many times are we going to see replays of the Tuck Game during Gruden’s return to Foxboro?

The over/under is six.

Which game has the biggest playoff implications?

It is easily the Chiefs and the Giants today. This game will have an extremely large impact on the playoffs which start today—fantasy playoffs that is. Today features a huge matchup between running backs Tiki Barber and Larry Johnson. (Lucky you if you have both.) Did you know that Chiefs running back Johnson already ranks fourth among all fantasy running backs? Hopefully that can make up for Peyton Manning who appears to be going half throttle for the rest of the season.

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