Friday, December 02, 2005

What's Up For Week 13?

It's Hater Week so it is time for a very special, "What's Up For" this week. What makes this week more special than the past drivel that has been on this site? Pretty much nothing. …

Do the Chargers continue their winning ways against the Raiders?

LaDainian Tomlinson and coach Marty Schottenheimer have both made it their personal missions to never lose to the Raiders. LT always seems to have something special for this week and even told the UT that there was something special about “Raiders Week.” LT scored on a rushing touchdown, receiving touchdown, and even tossed one last time against the Raiders. It is going to be huge for Chargers fans and fantasy owners with LT. Schottenheimer has been beating Raiders ass ever since he was in Kansas City and it does not expect to stop now.

Is this the week that Denver finally starts to collapse?

I say no. Jake Plummer, sure fire Hall of Fame quarterback, is going to lead the Broncos far this season. Why? It is a little something that Carson Daily said about "Karma." Jake has been so maligned during his career, he deserves on good playoff run.

Besides, the AFC West is a lost cause. What the Chargers need is for Denver to win this week (seems strange to say), The Bengals to not only beat Pittsburgh but also finish Big Ben's season, and Cleveland to beat Jacksonville. In other words, enjoy not going to the playoffs Chargers fans.

How badly is this St. Louis situation going to end with coach Mike Martz?

Wonderfully. Martz has started to posture to get back to the team, but the club has blown him off. Georgia hasn’t even offered to take him out for a swim. But as the Hater Nation speculated months ago, this is setting up perfectly for Martz to be the head coach of the Raiders next season. It has to happen. It must happen.

Wait a minute, did you say that Jake Plummer is a sure fire Hall of Famer?

Of course he is. If the Hall will allow Marcus Allen to be a member, the standards are that low. But in all seriousness, Plummer led the Cardinals to a playoff victory against the Cowboys in 1998. A playoff victory for the Cardinals. You match that up against Tom Brady's three Super Bowl wins and it is hard to figure which is more impressive.

What is your take on the whole Michael Irvin thing?

There are those that will say that Irvin does not deserve to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That is just rubbish. That is like somebody reasoning that Michael Jordan should not be in the basketball Hall of Fame because he was a lousy baseball player. The drug use should not diminish what he did on the football field.

Deion Sanders is not helping his cause. Sanders said that he totally believes Irvin, which holds a lot of weight because both of them are good friends and Sanders knows a lot about doing a lot of drugs and going to the psuedo-Christian to make everybody believe that you have reformed. (Cris Carter has perfectd this.) Sanders said that Irvin should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty. That is all well and good. But unless he could explain why Irvin changes his story seemingly everyday, then it is not without reason to cast a little doubt. You don’t have to be from the cast of "Criminal Minds" to figure that one out.

Are you still watching Survivor now that Hogeboom is gone?


Why is Tony Siragusa still roaming the sidelines during an NFL broadcast?

If anybody has an answer for this, we would love to hear it. It is kind of distracting when Dick Stockton and Darryl Johnston are trying to discuss an important part of the game and the Goose is interrupting with commentary such as, "These hot dogs are awfully tasty." The dude can’t even find a sports coat that fits so he is strapped into a two-sizes too small polo shirt. At some point you expect Bam Margera to come out of the crowd to slap him with a bigmouth bass or something. Why is it that so many Italian Americans on television are fat? Phil Margera, Uncle Vito, and now Siragusa. At least Phil Margera went on the Celebrity Fit Club. I would never wager in one of those celebrity death pools, but how are Uncle Vito and Siragusa not top candidates?

Whose fault was it in Detroit?

It is hard to fault Matt Millen—he was too busy scouting wide receivers for the 2006 NFL Draft to really pay too much attention to his team. Millen has now been a loser in every year since he came aboard as the Lions GM. It is as if the Ford family wants to lose every year. And why was Millen ever considered for this job? What were his qualifications? Millen was a prototypical "Fonzie" player. Millen played the part well as he talked a good game. He rode around in leather jacket and acted tough, but did you ever see him throw a punch?

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Charger Ray said...

I'd like to see Chefs beat the Donkeys this week and have the Bolts and Chief be only 1 game back. The Bolt's then could put the Chefs away with a victory in KC and maybe have a chance to win the division on the the last week of the season against Denver.

A Cincy win over the Steelers would be huge and I do like our chances of passing up Jacksonville over the last 5 weeks.

NFL Adam said...

Having Leftwich go down could be a good thing. Maybe Gerrard will struggle in Cleveland. I hope it snows.

I am not sure about this 100 percent, but I believe that the Chargers would have to best the Broncos by one game for the division because they have the tie-breaker. But I'll put a little bit more research on that.