Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Steve Spurrier: Player Hater

We are not huge fans of Notre Dame. But even we have to give them more credit than South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, who voted the Irish No. 14 in the latest USA Today coach's poll. Click link to check out the way your favorite coach voted. Funny, Tom Craft did not get a vote.

Spurrier gained recognition at Florida for poking fun at his rivals such as Auburn. When told that Auburn had a fire in the library and 90 books were burned, the old ball coach quipped, "And tragic thing is that most of them had not even been colored yet." But Spurrier voted the Tigers much higher than the Irish. Spurrier also felt that TCU and Texas Tech had better teams than Notre Dame. Golf courses in South Carolina must not get NBC.

Other interesting notes, Tyrone Willingham was not much better, voting Notre Dame ninth. Figures that Willingham could not even succeed as a player hater. Where do you rank the Irish? Sound off at the Hater Nation Forums.

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Benny said...

Well Spurrier also put South Carolina higher than Clemson even though they lost to Clemson. Don't know what he was thinking.